Get paid on time, every time. Hassle-free.

Stop Chasing Payments

Introducing Melon: Automatic payouts for agencies
$25 mil+
Revenue shared

How it works

Step 1: The Creator withdraws their balance

As soon as the creator's platform earnings hit their bank account, Melon kicks off the revenue-share.

Step 2: The Split is triggered

Instantly initiate splits as funds land, ensuring swift and accurate payouts.

Step 3: Your Splits are paid in full each week

Get paid out each Friday from every split on your roster - it's your weekly agency payday!


Melon is the easiest way to split revenue between creators and their teams.

No more frustrating money conversations with your clients
Save hours per week on invoicing and reconciliations
Get paid faster, on-time, and without the hassle
Stand out from your competitors by making the money transparent

Why Melon?

Melon puts your agency payouts on autopilot so you never have to talk about money with clients again.
  • Seamless Payouts: Enjoy timely payments, every time. 
Melon ensures you get what you deserve without delays.
  • Transparent Insights: Our detailed weekly reports keep you informed about your earnings, highlighting everysource and split. No more guess work - just clarity.
  • Split Monitoring: Melon’s dedicated team oversees all financial aspects, employing both technology andhuman checks to maintain a healthy payout system.
  • Eyes in the sky:  Melon’s software and Split Support teamproactively alert you if anything goes wrong with a splitso you can relax knowing you’re covered.
  • Best-in-class support: Our extensive knowledge baseand support team are your go-to resources for extracting the maximum value from Melon. Unlock the full potentialof your earnings with confidence.
  • Transparent Payments: The Melon dashboard detailsevery cash-out and payment to your team so you cansee exactly how much you’ve made and paid in one place.
  • Secure af: No weird bank accounts, payment processors,or third-parties. Just connect your current bank to Melon the same way you do with Venmo and you’re off to the races.
  • Stupid Simple:  it takes 3 minutes to set accept a splitinvite from your agency team. Log in anytime to view yourpayment history or export your data.
  • Responsive support: Reach out to the Melon support teamvia Chat or email with any questions or concerns.
  • Efficient Transactions: Melon ensures swift and accuratetransactions, making your payouts from agencies and creators hassle-free.
  • Automated Reports: Stay informed with automated weeklyreports. Melon simplifies accounting, providing a comprehensive breakdown of the transactions related to your services.
  • Eliminate Admin Headaches: Say goodbye to the tedious task of managing invoices individually. Melon’s referral split system ensures a fair and efficient payout process for all involved parties.
  • Support and Guidance:  Whether you’re a seasoned serviceprovider or just starting, Melon’s knowledge base and support team are invaluable resources. Get the assistance you need to optimize your experience with Melon.

Melon in Action

Take a look under the hood. You'll like what you see.

Full Transparency

See a full history of each platform cash-out and agency payout so everyone's on the same page

Create & Edit New Splits

Make adjustments to your splits as your contracts grow and evolve

Stay Alerted

Our email notifications keep everyone up-to-date about split payouts, adjustments and downtime

Referral Splits

Pay out a percentage of your agency revenue from a split to a third-party. Think account managers, chat teams, or referral partners

Our Pricing

Melon's fees start at 5% of your agency's cut - see if your agency gets a volume based discount

Creator Revenue/yr
of your agency's cut
Creator Revenue/yr
of your agency's cut
Creator Revenue/yr

Become a Melon Affiliate & get paid

Introduce an agency to Melon and get paid 10% of our revenue from that account for 12 months!